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2022.01.28 21:49 Muchiecake 🤌🤌Gabagool

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2022.01.28 21:49 redline380 You could say I have a type.

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2022.01.28 21:49 1waitwhat1 This "Feature" is cool

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2022.01.28 21:49 agn93 700 mb patch

any info about it? obviously not 7.31 but still.
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2022.01.28 21:49 Open-Lawyer9215 My pickups from today

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2022.01.28 21:49 Missing_Trillions We'll Take Care of You (2007) - Filmmakers Lattanzio Firmian and Alberto Baudo exposes the key players of the Vioxx scandal and uses Vioxx as the example of the modus operandi of Big Pharma. Reveals a corrupted system where pay offs and threats seem to be common industry practices. [00:58:08]

We'll Take Care of You (2007) - Filmmakers Lattanzio Firmian and Alberto Baudo exposes the key players of the Vioxx scandal and uses Vioxx as the example of the modus operandi of Big Pharma. Reveals a corrupted system where pay offs and threats seem to be common industry practices. [00:58:08] submitted by Missing_Trillions to Documentaries [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 21:49 InitialThing8544 guy who works in shop smiled at me, ask him for number?

guy in shop close to me smiled at me. my face was red. ask him for number next time? he is hot.
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2022.01.28 21:49 BreadSheep123 [H] $10 Walmart Giftcard [W] Amazon, Gamestop, or Best Buy Gift Card

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2022.01.28 21:49 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Syrian fighters set deadline for IS gunmen to surrender | Washington Times

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2022.01.28 21:49 unidentifiedenby Venti Rant

I have been talking to a lot of my stores partners about how severely underpaid we are but none of them seem to get it.
The cost of living where I live is pretty high, and a lot of the other stores pay more (i'm just holding out for the insurance at this point).
Despite only being here for almost a year I am one of the most senior partners at my store. We have so many new hires and a lot of them are very young. What ends up happening is the other older partners and I end up taking the brunt of the work. I was solo both hot bars and cold bar while drive, mobile, and lobby was open. I'm sure many of you can relate, but what made it worse was all the store closures around us. We are the only drive open within a reasonable driving radius and multiple people called out. (Not even going to mention all the cups, materials, and ingredients we are out of)
Out of all the jobs i've held, this has been the most tough physically and mentally on me. I feel exploited because of how low our pay is. I've been told we are supposed to make a drink a minute ? so many of these end up being 5,7, and even 9 dollar drinks ! I am very fast at bar so it's really painful to think how many of these expensive drinks I make in an hour and i'm getting almost none of that pay.
I love a lot of my coworkers and the accepting environment, but it's hard to see me even going another month here. I so desperately want to stay, but at this point the benefits are not worth it. I'm broke, I'm so sore everyday, and i'm just overall tired. If we were unionized i'd honestly have more hope. at this point it's to difficult moving around things to try and make a future here.
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2022.01.28 21:49 Malmishhh [EU] LFT

In-Game name: Malm
Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Malmishhh/
Role(s): Rifler, Second Awper
Age: 16
Country: Sweden
Languages: Swedish/English
Hours: 3K+
Level/Rank(s): Lvl 7
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2022.01.28 21:49 genderfluid_dinosaur Discord/Online Coven for Baby/Beginner Witches, Experienced witches, and More!

Hello Friends! I am starting a Discord Channel for experienced, baby, and intermediate witches and magic folk as a place to share and learn knowledge and skills and have fun. The plan is for it to be a "coffee shop" style setting online, and be able to meet others, form covens, share recipes and skills, and teach baby witches properly. We accept all religions, secular witches, hobbies, and practices (with the exclusion of malpractice or intentional harm to others/illegal activities. We also aim to be a safe and friendly place for closeted witches and allow people to make friends. -We are also LGBTQ+ friendly, Age and Experience friendly -we also accept non-witches who are supportive or just want to share recipes/ respectfully learn more -we are very small and currently looking for mods, if you are interested please reach out (must be 18+) -we have multiple resources and bots to help you discover or share your experiences we do not allow harassment, bigotry, or racial/sexual/homophobic/or negative comments and responses, or anti-pagan/anti-practice or conversion attempts *if you become a mod, you are able to get your own channel* Come on down to the Witch's Brew Cafe!: https://discord.gg/KbQ5TFyuxg
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2022.01.28 21:49 ViriatusPC Experimentamos Cions of Vega

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2022.01.28 21:49 maggiepie5832 cute stick with some old turkeys on it, a tree, and something i couldn’t identify

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2022.01.28 21:49 captainReddog What was your GT score when you got selected for woft?

I'm a junior in high-school , and I'm hoping to be selected for the "high-school to flight school " program. I know the army requires a Gt score of 110 but my recruiter told me I'd need a higher score to be competitive. So I'm trying gauge what a good score for getting in is.
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2022.01.28 21:49 ExtHD Judge Andrew Napolitano accuses CIA of spying on Americans

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2022.01.28 21:49 emporersamston what do you guys think about the TLX?

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2022.01.28 21:49 alpacamysuitcase Finally believing HPTs aren't fully quantitative - 5 dpt to 12 dpt FRER

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2022.01.28 21:49 kingofkings654 Ava Max Leather Gloves

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2022.01.28 21:49 ikamyx $300 budget here, please suggest me a chair in Canada

Hello guys, I'm desperately in need for a chair. This Covid-19 locked down killed me and my back is hurting so bad. I have a Master's thesis to do and work from home as a programmer. I'm student, spending $1000 is not possible for me right now. I can spend $300 USD and I'm in Canada. Would you please suggest me some tested models.
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2022.01.28 21:49 luuk0987 How to get better at Apex Legends: Practice Regimen

This has become a long post. There is a TLDR at the bottom.
A lot of posts have been floating around here asking for help on how to get better at the game. Let me start by saying that this game is brutal for newer players. It is very hard to get good at this game. Especially compared to some other games that give you a couple of easy kills here and there. Nothing is free in this game, nothing comes easy. There is no respawn, no death streaks, and 2 bullet TTK's. Having said that, when you do improve in this game it is extremely satisfying.
Now how do you get good quickly? Is there a magical trick that will make me a better player instantly? The short answer: no. It takes practice to get good. However, if you know how to practice effectively and you have a good mindset, you can speed up this process tremendously. In the following post, I will provide a blueprint for creating your own practice regimen.
First, we need to talk about the number of hours you have available to devote to the game. If you can only play a couple of hours a week, it will take longer to improve compared to when you can play multiple hours a day. The more hours you have, the better. The most important factor in practice is time devoted and consistency.
Second, what does a daily practice regimen look like and why? I will list several things you can incorporate in a practice regimen that works for you. Finally, I will outline an example practice regimen. The purpose of this is that you can mix and match the things that you like doing and that you need to do to improve the most. Some people will need to work on aim more than positioning for example.
Aim training Aim training is something that can't be ignored when it comes to improving in Apex Legends. Aiming is the single most important thing in this game. You can be positioned very well, but if you don't hit your shots, you will do nothing.
There are tons of resources available on MNK aim training. It doesn't matter whether you use Aim Labs or Kovaaks or something else. It matters you do it every single day. Doesn't have to be for long. While aim training you build up muscle memory a lot quicker. You will most likely have to track more in 10 minutes of aim training than you will in 1 hour of playing pubs.
As for controller players, if you have a halfway decent PC, check out Apex Aim Trainer on Steam. It allows you to incorporate ALC sens and lets you track strafing targets. This is the best controller aim trainer available right now for controller Apex. If you know of any alternatives let me know and I will add them here.
Firing range The firing range is excellent because it has the exact feel of Apex, unlike aim trainers. This is the best spot to practice recoil control, movement techniques, and to generally warm up. I hop in here for 5 minutes before I start playing just to warm up movement and get used to the feel of the game.
VOD review To catch mistakes you unconsciously make, reviewing your own VODs is very helpful. Use Shadowplay, for example, to record the last 3 minutes before you died. Or look at full gameplays. Really be critical here and write down what you keep doing wrong. If you review a VOD before you start playing, you will be less biased. It also allows you to take one aspect of your gameplay and really focus on improving it. EG. I'm not playing cover tightly enough, I will focus this session on playing cover as tight as possible.
Pubs vs ranked I'm of the opinion that you should first develop some mechanical skill. The best way to do this is by playing pubs and hot/warm dropping. I know it gets hated on a lot on this sub, but the reason people hot drop is that they want to get a lot of fights in. I'd personally rather have them do it in pubs than in ranked. I will not go into this debate any further from now on. The point is that if you want to develop mechanics, play pubs. And if you want to develop macro game sense, playable spots knowledge, practice rotations, or practice fighting 3v3, play ranked (preferably with a team).
Eye-tracking Ottr, a popular Apex Youtuber made this video. I recommend watching the video and giving the exercises a try. It's not for everyone, but it has helped me improve my aim greatly. Adding 2 minutes of eye-tracking to your practice regimen can certainly be worth it for some people. Especially if, like me, you tend to track your reticle.
Posture Something that's very important is having both good, but also consistent posture. Make your monitor is the same length away from your eyes every time, your mouse is in the same spot and your hands rest comfortably. A tip to get this consistent is to put one of your hands on the monitor's top and use this as a reference point.
Mindset This is arguably the single most important thing for improving in any game or anything. Honestly, it deserves its own post. However, many people have talked about this a lot, so I will just give you the condensed version. Focus on your own mistakes and how to improve them. Do not focus on variables beyond your control (such as your random teammates). If you don't think about what you could have done better after every game, you're doing it wrong.
Example practice regimen and TLDR

  1. Watch a VOD, write down a focus point for the session
  2. Adjust your posture to be consistent
  3. Warm-up your eyes for 2 minutes with some eye-tracking exercises
  4. Do some aim training exercises
  5. Load up the firing range to get used to the feel of the game, possibly practice recoil or movement mechanics
  6. Play pubs
  7. Play ranked
This is obviously all preference, and you can create something that fits you. Something I feel I have to say is not to underestimate the importance of taking breaks often, staying hydrated, and getting a good night's sleep. A healthy body and mind go a long way.
TLDR: If you want to get good, you have to practice. If you want to practice effectively, you need a consistent practice regimen. Use the example above to create something that works for you and stick with it. The most important points are focusing on your own mistakes, consistently aim training, and setting focus points for each session that you derive from your own VODs.
Thanks for reading and I hope this helps you create a regimen that works for you and possibly gets you excited about improving in this game (again).
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2022.01.28 21:49 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - The Jamaican bobsled team is returning to the Olympics 24 years later. One bobsledder on what it's like to carry the nation's legacy | PBS

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2022.01.28 21:49 Sufficient_Heron_946 Digital card question

Obviously everyone is waiting for there cards to come in. The 10k cro I have staked are showing a 0 balance on the card side. Do I need to top it up to use? Or is the cro that is staked on the card and just not showing as a balance. Thanks for your help in advance.
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2022.01.28 21:49 dronvirsirohi AIM was BJP's B-team all along 🐒

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2022.01.28 21:49 NineteenEighty9 Guess they’d find out eventually

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