I'm bored link in comment

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2022.01.28 21:47 WayZealousideal4829 I'm bored link in comment

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2022.01.28 21:47 Charming-Yak6435 Purchased Discs

I purchased the Winter 2 disc set but it is not showing up in my collection? Did I just waste my money or does the problem lie with me? Thanks...great game
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2022.01.28 21:47 BreadSheep123 [H] $10 Walmart Giftcard [W] Amazon, Gamestop, or Best Buy Gift Card

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2022.01.28 21:47 someone8612 Project Iunctra Tapes

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2022.01.28 21:47 Cracked156 Hey folks, this is Last_Prohibition here on my original yet still alt account.

Maybe we shouldn't mention what happened, like no key-words. Maybe just for a while until things cool down.
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2022.01.28 21:47 Identity__Crysis Advice for buying a 2005 New Beetle?

I've recently come across a New Beetle. It's a 1.6 75KW from 2005. It's still a gorgeous car so I would absolutely love to make an appointment with the seller, but the milieage is kind of holding me back. It has 224.767 km on the teller (which is about 139663.7 miles for my american buddies). Now my question is: Is the mileage on a New Beetle important when it comes engine failure/unexpected costs? The distributionbelt has been recently replaced, as well as the tires, brakes and oil filters.
Hope someone can give me some advice! Thanks!
Edit: It's in dutch but I'll link the website for pictures!
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2022.01.28 21:47 Rogewu Who's your least favorite townie(s)?

Personally, I highly dislike Eliza Pancakes because she constantly calls my sims asking to hang out or just shows up at my house and waits there for hours. What about you guys?
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2022.01.28 21:47 wings_memes Joe Veleno forces a turnover and Givani Smith finds the puck to put the Wings up 1-0

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2022.01.28 21:47 Kumbhakancer MULTIQUEUE PLEASE

oce is on the verge of dying, I feel every day more and more players leave. these days we can barely find queues outside of joust and conquest, and even then, nothing past 4 pm.
Multiqueue saved oce we had infinite queues and we were getting all sorts of gamemodes.
Please bring it back, even if it's only for low pop regions. Its what oce needs to survive
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2022.01.28 21:47 sleepylittlesloth I love this so much 😍

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2022.01.28 21:47 Limp_Spray3499 Denied but want to join another organization

I was denied from one organization but I want to join another one. I only attempted the first one because of how it was popular in my family. I’m trying again and after looking into It I want to try another organization ( it fits better for me). On the application it asks have I applied to another organization . Should I tell the truth or not. I really want to be In this organization but I feel that if I tell the truth I’d be denied yet again
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2022.01.28 21:47 NapperNeo Nr200 cpu cooler as intake or exhaust? Two intakes on bottom, one exhaust on top, 3070fe spits half it’s hot air into the case

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2022.01.28 21:47 Kelvin-Boone1 Bowling , Funny Bowling, That's Some Bowl

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2022.01.28 21:47 chicken_picnic_ yum yum cover (mock codes), + swipe for ajb painting, mcl

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2022.01.28 21:47 adobeanon Are religious brotherhoods a thing in the Balkans?

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2022.01.28 21:47 This-one-dude I don´t think either gun was ever superb in comparison to others, but I loved how they both felt to use so I´m very happy to see them return.

I don´t think either gun was ever superb in comparison to others, but I loved how they both felt to use so I´m very happy to see them return. submitted by This-one-dude to destiny2 [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 21:47 pierigin A Rabbit Base

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2022.01.28 21:47 jenjen7543 💎$25 Sign-up Bonus💎Download app💎Select "MANAGE MY CASH AND BUILD MY SAVINGS"-$15💎Add track my credit for 🆓-$10 more💎Rewards available to redeem immediately💎NO DEPOSIT💎USA ONLY

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2022.01.28 21:47 JustWinning733 Saw this on Twitter and I have to say; accurate

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2022.01.28 21:47 Material_Union_2567 An NFT collection to help Apollo!

Hi! I have created an NFT collection to try to raise funds for the treatment of my son who has a high degree of autism and urgently needs a very specific treatment, medication and diet and I don't have the money for it all. I live alone with him and it's been very difficult.
Could someone help?
The collection is of some photographs of our moments.
I can prove everything I'm saying
The name of the collection is:
"An NFT collection to help Apollo!"
And you can find it on Open Sea.
I can prove every word i'm saying!
Help us, please!
God bless you all.
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2022.01.28 21:47 RLCD-Bot [Forest Green Nexus SC] [W.I.P.] [Dark Matter] [X-Tempo: Radiant] [Incantor]

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2022.01.28 21:47 HelpthrowawaySN95 I’m having suicidal thoughts

Ever since I was 13 I have been having suicidal thoughts whoever I feel extremely depressed. I’ve never seen a doctor and don’t want to because I don’t want to associate with the stigma that comes with that. It’s a catch 22 pretty fucked up, I want help but can’t get it or else my life will never real be normal. It doesn’t make sense I don’t fit the stereotypical person with suicidal thought. What can I do?
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2022.01.28 21:47 Lone_Ponderer Could anybody help me identify this surname?

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2022.01.28 21:47 allergickrab Doubt about ng+

I have a question, if I start the new game plus, is the normal game deleted? I would like to be able to switch between the two
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2022.01.28 21:47 sad_cheesecake_ When the music plays, don't stop dancing or else

I had lived in the small town of Driggleton, Missouri for practically my whole life. At first glance, it was a dreary place, but after living there for years you learn that the community is very nice and close knit. So close knit that it's eerily hard to believe. So close knit that crime rates are at a consistent 0. So close knit that I don't think I've ever seen anyone argue. It's oddly perfect and comforting in some twisted sort of way. Nothing ever goes wrong.
The one negative thing about Driggleton is the sky. Clouds of gray and black loom overhead at all times. I don't think I've ever seen the sun. And it rains quite often. A harsh, red sort of rain. When I saw the rain for the first time, I cried to my mother about it. She laughed and said that the Gods just wanted to give us a bit of color to make up for the blackness of the sky. Then her tone turned stern and she told me to never question the Gods again. To never question anything. That's the only way I would be allowed happiness. It sounded like complete bs but the way her voice hit my ears unsettled me, so I simply agreed. But the rain still makes me uncomfortable to this day.
Every Tuesday from 3am to sunrise, the town comes together to worship the Gods. It doesn't matter if you believe in them or not nor does it matter if you didn't get enough sleep, you have to go to service anyways. It's only once a week after all. No one has ever missed a service. EVER. We are not allowed to miss service or else there will be dire consequences. That's what we've been told at least. No one takes roll call though and no one actually officiates the service so it's quite confusing to think about who would care or notice if one person decided to sleep in instead of pray. Probably the Gods.
Well I decided to test the waters, and in doing so my whole town has been screwed for the past month. I didn't want to go to Tuesday service. I really didn't. I was so sleep deprived that night it hurt to think. My mother begged and pleaded with me, but eventually she left the house without me because she didn't want to risk being late. I didn't really care. I didn't think it mattered. I genuinely didn't mean to harm the town. I was selfish, and I just wanted some shut eye.
When I first woke up, nothing was different. Everyone looked and acted exactly the same. I was almost angry at myself for wasting so many valuable hours of sleep and waking up at 3am for nothing. My mother seemed very relieved when she arrived home from service that morning. She gushed that she was thankful to see me still breathing and genuinely thought I'd be dead by the time she got back. It made me uncomfortable to listen to, but I didn't want to disregard her when she was crying. So I played along, claiming I was thankful to be alive too. We decided to still go out to eat. We always go out to eat on Tuesdays, I guess even when I miss service. Bobble Ji's did have the best pancakes after all.
But the second I walked out the door, everything changed. As if on a timer, waiting for my first sight since missing service, letters fell from the sky onto everyones doorsteps. Everyones doorsteps including my own. My mother picked up the letter and examined the envelope closely. No stamp, no addresses, no senders, nothing. As if envelopes that fell from the sky would have any of that. The contents of the letter were so disturbingly lacking.
"When the music plays, don't stop dancing or else"
It sounded like a threat in a way. A confusing threat. I remembered how my mother told me not to question things. So I agreed with the baloney writing. And of course my mother agreed too. She didn't seem unsettled in the slightest, as if this type of stuff happens every day. None of the neighbors seemed concerned either. Old Miss Betsey even laughed at the note, saying she was always up for a good dance.
Well you know what I'm always up for, no matter the circumstance? Bobble Ji's Pancakes. And that's exactly what I got. Me and my mother ordered our usual: double brownie chocolate fudgy heart attack extreme. But as the waiter brought us our food, the music of the letter started playing. Uncertaintly, I got up and started dancing, joining my mother who seemed a bit too prepared for this. To be fair, we did get a letter warning. However, the waiter, with hands full of food, was unable to dance.
What happened next was highly disturbing. It started with his ears exploding and blood dripping from the holds where they once were. Then his eyes contracted and expanded so much they bulged out of the socket and were left dangling bloody and goopy tears down his face. After that his nose melted like it was made of candle wax. Then it was his smile. His teeth shattered like miniature lightbulbs being thrown against the floor. His gums swelled a bright red, taking up the remainder of his face. His neck snapped into an inhumand angle, leaving his monstrous head dangling to the side. His heart burst out of his chest. Literally burst. And of course more blood followed. His legs compressed like a harmonica. Then the music stopped.
Staring at the mangled corpse in front of me, I could barely process what just happened. For the first time in forever, I looked at my mother and she wasn't smiling. She didn't look content in the slightest. Everyone in the restaurant looked horrified and it was all my fault for missing service. Nothing else could have caused this. The Gods they worshipped all their lives seemed rather heartless.
For the past month, my town has been falling apart. More people have been missing service, my mother included. People have been tense around eachother, fights have broken out. For the first time in an eternity, the crime rate was no longer 0. And that horrendous music played at the most inconvienent of times. 4am when people who skipped service are trying to sleep? Music. 8am and you're constipated? Music. You're cooking something and it's going to burn if it stays in the oven a second longer? Music. And unless you want to die, you have to dance. The already small population of our town has been cut in half. People have been dying left and right, each death more gruesome than the last.
This is our new normal and I can't handle it. My mother won't allow us to move out of fear of the curse following us to a whole new area. So what do I do? What can I do? The music has been going on for 2 days nonstop now. I've discovered it's like a competition. The music won't stop until a life gets taken. And I'm awful tired of this. I think I should just stop dancing.
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