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[Highlight] Mason Plumlee directs traffic before securing the rebound then dimes up Bridges for a windmill slam in transition!

2022.01.28 23:19 NitroXYZ [Highlight] Mason Plumlee directs traffic before securing the rebound then dimes up Bridges for a windmill slam in transition!

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2022.01.28 23:19 FlaminVapor TC2 update tomorrow maybe? (sorry for weird spacing)

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2022.01.28 23:19 RLCD-Bot [Titanium White Artemis GXT] [Future Shock] [Comet] [Pink Hikari P5: Infinite] [Pink Corbital]

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2022.01.28 23:19 Bohbognil Why is Wizards not giving every Race the option to be Medium or Small?

They removed the fixed ASIs to stop people from just going with the best class because of them. Oddly enough Wizard was not always used with Gnome. I think I was the only Gnome Wizard I've seen. The community is happy as this actually allows someone to play against Type. Orcs are Big and Strong, but now you can play one with twigs for arms. Would never be an Ork unless he believed.
So people can use ASIs to basically become the outlier of their race. Why not size? Most of the current options that do are related to Animals, or those wonky Lineages that got brought in when Van Richten got his book published. This is strange because none of the options, if they had lore previously, could be of such different sizes. I'm sure there was at least one feat somewhere that could do something in 3 or 3.5.
This tells me that WotC is giving the players a choice of Dwarfism or Gigantism. Really any race could exist between 2ft and 8ft. So why not? Medium and Small are the exact same thing in the rules anyway, aside from the Heavy Trait for weapons and Squeezing. Let's have tiny Humans and Goliaths and Gnomes that can stare an Ogrillion in the face! Why not? The Animal Races are because various members of said animal family or Genus are of varied size. Humans come in various sizes, and everyone else is basically a Human anyway.
This post is just me wondering why choice of size isn't given to everyone. PCs are special anyway, so they should be able to be of an unusual size for their race.
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2022.01.28 23:19 StacyAtoms Can’t Forget The Hip Hop Pioneers ..

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2022.01.28 23:19 Neda07 Exotic!

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2022.01.28 23:19 Coolkid2035 Why can’t receivers catch

Ok so I’m playing as the chargers against the bills. I throw to Keenan Allen and I press Y and even though his hands hit the ball, he drops it. This continues until I have to punt. My opponent does not have the same issue. My receivers get wide open and don’t catch the damn ball. Does anyone know why?
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2022.01.28 23:19 Isbot2000 Hourly Wholesomeness

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2022.01.28 23:19 recursivecompulsion {{ dateFormat "2005-01-02" .Date }} prints the year 28009

so {{ .Date }} prints 2022-01-28T23:17:09-03:00 which is correct, but too long.
Googling around and reading docs, I arrived at what's int he title:
{{ dateFormat "2005-01-02" .Date }} but that prints 28009/01/28
what's going on with that?
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2022.01.28 23:19 Music931 Morcheeba Feat. Pace Won - Get Along (2002)

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2022.01.28 23:19 devonhunter Hire me for quality grades and quality work

Hire comes your all time assignments exams taker at a cheap price dm discord Dr. hunter#4788
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2022.01.28 23:19 nojiownsyoi Wifi Problems

Has anyone been experiencing wifi outages on the GR campus, or more specifically, if you live on-campus in GR? This is the second time this week my girlfriend has been without wifi for an extended period of time and IT is useless. Just curious if anyone else is experiencing this or if it’s just her laptop?
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2022.01.28 23:19 bellatrixnovus Sooooo.....I am pretty sure my wife is an egg, what do you think? How could I help her? At least be more comfortable with herself

Since I came out myself (September 2021), she dove headfirst into trans topics to help me, and to help herself with my transition. Over the past four months, she's gone from telling me she is a straight CIS woman to considering herself metagender and gender-non conforming though still a woman. However, there have been numerous comments she has made that have reminded me of FTM egg posts I have seen, including:

And now the reason I have to make this post. She was actively looking up information about FTM HRT. She said " i don't think i could do it and testosterone is injection only so. i know any thoughts about hrt i could have would never come to fruition." To which I told her about the pill (Jatenzo), patches, gel, etc...and she changed the topic. And then she also told me shortly lately after not much conversation, that she felt depressed and sad...
Is my wife an egg? How can I help her?
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2022.01.28 23:19 windowpsil I have a Bubblegum Queen coming down next week, with two CQF4S2s a week behind it. A Zam Express a month behind them…..can’t wait for the next round.

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2022.01.28 23:19 Certain-Funny7018 NEW MUSIC COVER for APPLE MUSIC IS FRANK ? Are we going to be fed after the world hunger starvation for frank ?

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2022.01.28 23:19 tinkermomentscrafts Paper Flowers from Toilet Paper. This Craft Never Gets Old

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2022.01.28 23:19 driveslow48 All original pictures.

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2022.01.28 23:19 Delicious-Builder517 I need crystallin help!

So I got the crystallin stamp for the first time, and I completed the quest, but the stamp disappeared from my inventory. I'm under the assumption that crystallin can only be found when you have the quest, so how am I supposed to get the stamp? Do I just not complete the quest on another character? I had heard that you should do the quest first, so can the stamp be found after you do the quest?
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2022.01.28 23:19 Material-Confusion94 Creating a Madden 22 PS5 Franchise. Fantasy draft. Injuries turned off.

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2022.01.28 23:19 Marrittalynn anyone want unaccessed fossils?

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2022.01.28 23:19 OasisDune I want to install a bidet attachment but the water valve I need to attach the bidet to is hidden inside the cistern. How to proceed? What are my options?

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2022.01.28 23:19 Separate_Counter_677 Curious for Friends to Play Diablo 3 with?

Hi everyone!!! I’ve been wanting to play Diablo 3 on PS4. Curious if any newbies (Diablo 3) wants to help me out how I can do multiplayer? Just got the game. I’ve played Diablo 2 before but that was years ago and that was on PC. Appreciate any help!
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2022.01.28 23:19 CasualFan9222 BAD CLUE & EGO: Some discussion & appreciation [SUPER LONG POST!]

In order to run the subreddit GoSe survey (closes 1st Feb!) to my best ability, I had made it my mission to catch up on the episodes I missed, as well as revisit some of my own personal favorites.
I originally wanted to talk about some of the most "criticized" episodes and how you could enjoy them anyway, but because the post was getting WAY too long, I decided to just talk about BAD CLUE for now!
Of course, every one has their own personal favorites, that's totally fine! Some also have criticisms, which are perfectly fine too! We can dislike episodes, find faults in them, and "make suggestions" in hope that future episodes are better.
But sometimes, seeing so much criticism against certain episodes may deter people from watching or enjoying them. Let me try to shed some light onto BAD CLUE that may improve your viewing experience.
I think of all GoSe episodes this one was criticized the most (and very rightly so) for it's misrepresentation of mental disease (specifically Dissociative Identity Disorder). Before you skip on to the end and outright reject any defense of this series, read on to what I have to say first before deciding that whatever I say can't change your mind. It's a long post so brace yourself.
[Disclaimer: obviously BIG SPOILERS below for these episodes if you haven't watched them yet]
BAD CLUE (GoSe 2020 Ep 34 and Ep 35)
To start off, I never have associated BAD CLUE with stuff like Don't Lie, ONE MILLION WON, or even Escape Room where they have to use their brains, play a game and win.
In fact, BAD CLUE at that time was most similar to Ad-lib: SVT Got Talent. Yes, the whole point was NOT to solve the mystery, but to let the members act out a scenario to its end. For SVT Got Talent, the point is comedy, they are given roles and ad-lib out how they will play them out. For BAD CLUE, the point is mystery-thriller, they are given roles and no scripts, they have to figure out what to do themselves.
My interpretation had always been this:

Now, of course, EGO has the most similar in overarching concept with BAD CLUE.

EGO (GoSe 2021 Ep 27 and Ep 28)
Now some comparisons with EGO:

Why Mingyu?
After EGO, I have some doubts their characters being randomly assigned. I think the PDs/writers knew what they were doing by choosing MG as the main character. He was possibly the only person they could think of that would get overly defensive in BAD CLUE and not want to be tied up despite not actually knowing he was the culprit. In other words, the PDs/writers had to take a chance that Mingyu would inevitably help them finish the story to completion and instinctively know not to get tied up.
For EGO, see this comment I made!
And yea, this clip of their mafia game from TTT camping compilation, that expression change was excellent!
[Kinda random too, but went to check out the GoSe logos from the commentary and EGO was #46, aka 4-6, aka Apr 6? MG Bday?]

Dissociative Identity Disorder
Okay now that I've kinda made some comparisons between the overarching concept of BAD CLUE & EGO, I really need to discuss the elephant in the room = the DID plot.
I have never been one to endorse in cancel culture or blatantly dismissing content. If you're on Disney+, you may have seen this warning:
This programme includes negative depictions and/or mistreatment of people or cultures, these stereotypes were wrong then and are wrong now. We want to acknowledge its harmful impact, learn from it and spark conversation to create a more inclusive future together.
These have appeared in classic animation films like Dumbo and Peter Pan. Again, rather than cancelling these straight out, I feel it's more important to understand what was wrong, what misconceptions can we correct, what can we learn from it, and how can we be better.
DID has indeed been given the unfair short end of the stick in several media portrayals. This post by u/smizeys is a really great overview and discussion of what went wrong with Bad Clue.
Apart from vilification of DID patients, it just propagates bad stigma associated with mental disease. But let's not forget that such changes in social perception don't happen overnight and we need to give some time to create a better, more inclusive society. These conversations didn't exist 10-15 years ago, so let's give some allowance for all of us to be better.

Inspirations for BAD CLUE & EGO
In the PD/writers slight defense, I don't believe they intentionally created this DID plot point out of the blue to explain the BAD CLUE ending. This was story line in fact based on something else.
That doesn't make it okay and absolve them of blame just because they weren't the originators of the idea. It's very unfortunate that they ended up contributing to negative stereotypes, but let's give them some benefit of the doubt, assume they didn't know any better AND now know about the implications of the story line they used.
But still let's also give some credit where it's due for coming up with such creative scenarios.
This is what I mean:
BAD CLUE was in fact based on two pretty popular shows (credits to Youtube/Reddit comments).
  1. Kill Me, Heal Me (MBC Drama starring Ji Sung and Hwang Jung-Eum): Male lead witnessed a traumatic event in childhood which led to his DID and multiple alters forming. This is set in the backdrop of him being a third-generation heir to a business empire, with typical K-drama level family issues (overcontrolling grandma, uncle trying to take over as heir, parents involved in affairs and relationship drama). This likely was adapted into the plot lines of the abusive bsk chairman, illegitimate child, fights over the will and company, and ofc the DID plot.
  2. And Then There Were None (Agatha Christie Novel, most recently adapted in English by BBC One, UK): Ten strangers are invited to an island, discover a centerpiece of 10 abstract figurines. It's revealed that each have been involved or implicated in murder in the past and are killed off one-by-one, coinciding with the disappearance of one figurine. At the end, the murderer is revealed to be one of the ten, but ultimately ends off with everyone's death. This likely was adapted into the plot lines of murder at a party, everyone having motives and hidden agendas, the disappearing figures and the culprit being among them.
This entire BAD CLUE was indeed an amazing combination of two stories and by no coincidence. Both series were in fact released in 2015, sounds like a familiar date? Yea that's the same year of SVT's debut. Interestingly enough, Wonwoo was also invited last minute as a replacement rapper for Auditory Hallucination (Kill Me, Heal Me OST). This was my favorite track in the OST when I watched it and was pleasantly surprised Jaejae brought it up during MMTG.

Likewise, EGO must have had inspirations from somewhere (this took a little more comment digging):
  1. Someone pointed out similarities to French film Oxygen (2021): a woman wakes up in a medical chamber with no memories, tries to figure out who she is and what she's doing there. Later on it's revealed that she is in fact a clone on board a spaceship filled with other clones, sent to save humanity on a distant planet due to a disease wiping out Earth. This likely inspired this human clone plot line (minus the murderous doctor). And recognize the opening "A Going Original Series" = that's likely a nod to "A Netflix Original Series" title card.
  2. Not sure if this link is true, but if you have some biomedical training you may be aware of this: there had been a South Korean scientist (Hwang Woo-Suk) who had earned reputation for his work on cloning (e.g. cloning the first dog Snuppy), later moving his work on human embryos and stem cells. Ofc this raised ethical implications of human cloning, but he was infamously also indicted for embezzlement and publishing fraudulent data relating to his work on human embryos. If you read some of the back story of EGO, it's also revealed Arthur Kim was a medical researcher fallen from grace, embroiled in controversies over the ethics and validity of his human cloning experiments. So there's some possible plot inspirations from real life here.
  3. Tried to look closely at some of the dates but couldn't pick out anything very significant. This is really conjecture but the clustering of dates around July 2021, perhaps during Debate Night III filming where the issue of Earth vs. Mars was raised? Perhaps the debate sparked some memories of the film Oxygen released in May (similar concept as the debate where Earth is in a bad state). Possibly gave them inspirations to use the clone amnesia plot line. The end-point of September 2021 possibly also references the filming date for EGO.
  4. And finally, this is just my imagination but the whole first-person perspective for some scenes, plus the concept of getting clues, dying, being reborn with some clues, then getting further in the story --- this kinda reminds me of how we would play games like the ones they did in Christmas in August. They play the games, fail/die, respawn and try again learning from their past mistakes and experiences.

  1. BAD CLUE & EGO adopt a mystery-thriller concept. While it feels like a game/mission for the members to complete, it's best understood as a story/plot that the members are acting in.
  2. They improvise their roles without any obvious instructions on what to do, ultimately finishing the story (perhaps with some "divine intervention" to prevent premature conclusions). There are no winners/losers because it isn't a real game. It's a plot with the members as actors.
  3. The greatest plus-point for both series is how well the PDs & writers draw inspiration from multiple pop-culture sources and integrate them into a very detailed and complex scenario (possibly the most complex of all GoSe series).
  4. This however does not absolve them fully of the negative portrayal of DID as a plot point. It's not something we should sweep under the table, but neither should we judge something by it's biggest flaw alone.
EGO was definitely well-received (maybe except those REALLY against darker thrillers).
BAD CLUE was one I'd consider as having very mixed reception. Again rather than cancel this series outright, it's much more important to understand what was wrong, why it's wrong and how we could be better (and hope that the members/staff also understand and learn from this). Seeing how this concept evolved into something like EGO, I'm very hopeful that they did learn from their mistakes.
Yet, we should be able to appreciate and give credit where it's due for creating such an interesting and captivating set of GoSe series.

If you've read this far, thank you for entertaining my long ass word vomit. Let me know if you have any other thoughts about these two episodes, or any episodes where you found the episode was not as bad as the criticism implied.
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2022.01.28 23:19 Negative-Ad-9993 Anyone loving the Wellbutrin and Lexapro combo?

Just started this combo 6 days ago and feeling pretty gross rn so hoping some of y’all can share positive experiences with this combo
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