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Does someone know which vehicle generates the most exhaust smoke?

2022.01.28 22:13 marginaal14 Does someone know which vehicle generates the most exhaust smoke?

Does someone know which vehicle generates the most exhaust smoke?
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2022.01.28 22:13 eggfartmonday I have to slow down.

I will raid tomorrow for at least 1000 oz., but this month has been crazy and I can't keep track of when the shiny ships and is supposed to arrive at my house. Minimum 4000 oz for the month.
This is the way.
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2022.01.28 22:13 DrHarryBaals Friends high school he teaches at. Shot on 35mm.

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2022.01.28 22:13 Inferno_Trigger Πόσες φορές την έχετε πατήσει έτσι;

Πόσες φορές την έχετε πατήσει έτσι; submitted by Inferno_Trigger to greece [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 22:13 imjustawolf Lost 200 elo today

Just wanted you all to know.
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2022.01.28 22:13 daXfactorz daXfactorz's Precolonial Africa Happy Fun Learning Time: TL;DRs

Hey there! So I've finally finished my writeups for all the pre-colonial African civs available for voting, in hopes that you might consider voting for a few of them (even though voting has already started by now). However, some of these writeups are quite long, so I figured I'd throw all of the tl;drs into one post here for your convenience (plus links to each post if you missed one)! Feel free to read up on the civs which interest you, and I hope you enjoyed my little write-ups!
Nile Valley
Egypt (Akhenaten) - tl;dr funny pharaoh replaces Egyptian pantheon with his hot new god Aten, almost gets erased from history afterwards
Egypt (Djoser) - tl;dr hot new pharaoh creates the Old Kingdom and builds the first pyramid
Hyksos (Apophis) - tl;dr Canaanites lead the first foreign dynasty of Egypt and worship the guy who murdered Osiris, the Egyptians surprisingly don’t like them afterwards
Makuria (Merkurios) - tl;dr Christian Nubia fights off the Muslims and the two become cool, proceeds to vibe for several hundred years until the Mamluks stop being cool
The Alaouites (Ismail Ibn Sharif) - tl;dr Moroccan king modernizes literally everything about his army, beats up the Ottomans and Christians, fucks harder than literally anybody else in history (besides maybe Genghis Khan)
The Almohads (Abd al-Mu’min) - tl;dr absolute lad takes his radical religious sect from a half-dead mess to an empire spanning the entire Maghreb and half of Iberia, successors proceed to taste the Reconquista and lose everything within 100 years
Tetouan (Sayyida al-Hurra) - tl;dr pirate city governor girlbosses so hard that she ends up controlling half of the Mediterranean through pirate power and marrying the Sultan
Carthage (Mago) - tl;dr cool dude breaks Carthage off from Phoenicia (mostly), beats up the Mediterranean, maybe stabs some children
Tunis (Abu Zakariya) - tl;dr dude un-Moroccos Tunisia, builds some cool stuff (and lets Jews be Jews again), Tunis proceeds to vibe until Spain and the Ottomans flip it like it’s a Civ game
West Africa
Mali (Sundiata Keita) - tl;dr some asshole is such a bad ruler that a significantly cooler dude revolts, wins, and establishes the most famous empire in Africa out of spite - said empire proceeds to get filthy rich
Songhai (Sonni Ali) - tl;dr man invents Mali 2: This Time It’s Bigger, builds a rad river fleet, and beats up scholars in Timbuktu
Central Africa
Kanem-Bornu (Idris Alauma) - tl;dr random-ass empire in the middle of Africa spends 1100 years doing things like conquering a straight line across the Sahara Desert, buddying up with Morocco and the Ottomans, and not dying of jihad
Nok (Sarki) - tl;dr ancient iron age society in the middle of Nigeria, made cool terracotta stuff
Sokoto (Usman dan Fodio) - tl;dr teacher gets betrayed by his student the Sultan and thrown out of his city-state, proceeds to conquer half of Nigeria with a warrior-scholar army to get back at him
Upper Nile
Aksum (Kaleb) - tl;dr badass trade empire in Ethiopia/Eritrea that was pals with the Byzantines and conquered Yemen one time, also built long sticks
Ethiopia (Zara Yaqob) - tl;dr Ethiopian king Doomguys his way through war, religious schisms, and foreign relations because he never learned how to talk to people, somehow succeeds completely
Ethiopia (Menelik II) - tl;dr man basically triples the size of Ethiopia and beats the Italians fresh off a 100-year civil war and also wars against the British, Egyptians, and Sudanese all in a row
Azande (Gbudwe) - tl;dr genocidal cannibal warlord
Rwanda (Rwabugiri) - tl;dr Rwanda goes from a relatively primitive kingdom to a sophisticated empire under one ruler and then promptly collapses and gets colonized right after
Sennar (Amara) - tl;dr post-Nubian Sudanese kingdom narrowly avoids getting beaten up by the Ottomans, Ethiopia, and other Sudanese kingdoms for 300 years
East Africa
The Dervishes (Mohammed Hassan) - tl;dr Somali poet gets so mad about cultural erasure that he launches a 25-year guerrilla war that requires a whole-ass bombing campaign to take down
Kilwa (Ali ibn al-Hassan) - tl;dr Swahili-Persian-Arab trade empire that was also the entire Swahili Coast
Merina (Radama I) - tl;dr king of weird Bantu-Malay kingdom uses the power of the British to modernize his country and unite almost all of Madagascar, proceeds to die of alcoholism
Congo Basin
Kongo (Afonso I) - tl;dr African king goes full European and turns his already-centralized empire into an advanced Catholic state, his kingdom proceeds to beat the Portuguese several times and survive multiple civil wars until the Scramble for Africa
Luba (Ilunga Sungu) - tl;dr neat empire in the middle of the Congo with a historian secret society
Southern Africa
Eswatini (Labotsibeni Mdluli) - tl;dr queen regent manages to secure Eswatini’s effective independence from both the UK and South Africa through sheer diplomatic skill and willpower alone
Maravi (Kalonga Mazula) - tl;dr chief turns a loose confederacy into a proper empire with help from the Portuguese, proceeds to turn on the Portuguese and almost kick them out of southeast Africa
Zulu (Cetshwayo) - tl;dr High Commissioner of South Africa forces the Zulu into war because he doesn’t like them, the Zulu do really well at first but their king isn’t a total dick so the British regroup and win
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2022.01.28 22:13 ivanreyes371 Containment breach.

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2022.01.28 22:13 LunaPanties Love this outfit & pic 🥰

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2022.01.28 22:13 Ncncope1 Hearing a Dark Souls Voice Line That Doesn't Exist

I'm a huge fan of Dark Souls 3. You're not gonna to need to know anything about it to understand what I'm gonna tell you, but if you do it might help you understand why this whole ordeal has kinda fucked with me.
This is like videogame creepypasta shit I'm about to tell you and it sounds ridiculous but frankly I'm not losing any sleep over that fact (lol) because plenty of well-documented things have happened in Dark Souls that are almost as strange and scary as what I'm about to tell you. Bloodborne fans know what I'm talking about. That game IS its own creepypasta. But this is unlike that. In my opinion.
My character spoke. Like the silent Dark Souls protagonist with no personality. She said an entire word to me. Unprompted. It appeared in the subtitles and everything. There was a voice actress actually speaking as my character. That might not sound weird to you but consider that this game is five years old and has been datamined into fucking swiss cheese, every single line of code has been turned over, hackers spent hundreds of hours investigating one single crab in the catacombs, modders have stripped the game for parts and rebuilt it from the ground up, and never once in any of that fucking half a decade of documented game has the character ever said anything. Three fucking previous games too, counting demons souls, all of which are some of the most analyzed and dissected experiences ever in gaming history and nobody has ever found a single fucking line of dialogue from the player character ever. But I did. She spoke, and she spoke when there was no one around but me.
She said "yearning".
Well, it was more like "yearning...". It was slow and I guess kind of sad. It gave me a jumpscare. I've played this game all the way through probably six or seven times and never have I fucking heard the word yearning in it before. The game doesn't pause so she was just standing there in the perpetually snowing (and honestly kind of lonely) kingdom of Irythill while I checked a notification on my phone, and she just said "yearning". Aloud. It still creeps me out to even think about it, but not as much now.
What the hell was I supposed to think? I'm not some shit for brains who thinks 'oh it was just a glitch' or 'oh it was just my imagination' because I saw the word yearning pop up on the subtitles and I heard the word yearning and the word got fucking said to me. Immediately my assumption was that I had stumbled onto some kind of secret or easter egg that I had never heard of- I guess I still think that. I instructed my character to search the area, moving them into the grass nearby, and eventually having them swing their sword wildly around in hopes that it would come into contact with some nearby illusion that the game was hinting at with the word "yearning". It's not uncommon in Dark Souls games, especially this one, to hide something in an invisible spot or disguised as a mundane prop, and to give the player no way to know this except by having their character contact with it via sword or body. I swear to god I spent nearly ten minutes running around Irythill smashing things, rolling into things, starting fights with the nearby knights just trying to figure out what the fuck "yearning" was trying to tell me.
There was nothing. I'm sure of that now but I wasn't at the time so I opened up google on my phone and looked up "dark souls yearning". This is when I started to get genuinely freaked out instead of just unsettled and a bit interested, because as you can imagine, there was nothing. Like I said, this game has been out for five fucking years, and I've watched videos of people going through every single animation file in the game to look for oddities so I don't believe for a fucking second that nobody has ever heard the character say "yearning" before. The google results told me about the spell "yearn" which isn't even in this game, only in the previous one, so that was a dead end. I even sifted through my inventory to see if I had the equivalent of it for this game until I realized that was a stupid idea and would obviously not be the solution to the puzzle.
But I didn't imagine yearning. I started to focus on recreating the scenario that made them say it, so I could start my digital search from square one. I navigated back to what I thought was the exact spot where "yearning" had been said, camera oriented the right way and everything, and I just sat there waiting for something to happen. My hand was hovering over the screenshot key the entire time, just waiting to capture the subtitles to prove that it was real, but I was fucked- I had no way of knowing how long she had been standing idle the first time except for my own guesses, and so without any useful timing mechanism, I ended up just staring blankly at the screen and getting lost in my own head and eventually after what was either ten minutes or one minute I gave up.
Not gave up on the yearning just on this particular idea. So I started moving my character around Irythill again, almost idly, just trying to think of what to do. I had slain the fire witches, pontiff knights, and most of the slaves on my first trek around so the place was starting to feel pretty empty. I avoided the sewers figuring that would be a lot of unnecessary damage for what was probably a dead end anyway, considering how far from there I had heard the word. I ended up back at the Church of Yorshka, which is a very creepy place on its own and houses a few secrets that are honestly stranger and more esoteric than I thought yearning was at the tie. It's the exact type of place that "yearning" was related to in my mind, and going in there reminded me of it and made me feel a little less crazy- not that I felt crazy.
Well I was kind of right. I rolled around there for a bit, checked the spot where the assassin spawns, checked that upstairs room that doesn't have a clear purpose, and then I stood in front of the only other NPC in the church with me- knight Anri of Astora, and that's when it fucking happened again.
Like that. Same recording, I'm fucking certain of it. There must be only one yearning file in the game wherever the hell it is. My character stood right in front of Anri and said yearning again. Of course the NPC had no programming telling her to react. But you had better believe I lost my fucking mind. - Not literally, of course. I haven't lost my mind. But I was shocked and excited and scared and of course I wasn't expecting it so I didn't have my finger hovering over the fucking screenshot button and like the idiot I am the proof eluded me again.
She said something else that time too, and I didn't know what the fuck it was. There were no subtitles over it but there was another fucking word- maybe two- and I was too busy mashing the stupid screenshot button and losing my shit in general to pay close attention to whatever happened- whatever was said- and so I was fucked. Obviously you can imagine that I was pretty frustrated. I shut the game off, and that's when I started typing up the first draft of the post you're reading right now, which was originally gonna be sent to the PMs of some notorious Dark Souls dataminers but I decided to post it here instead because it's kind of become a whole narrative and I don't want to dump that on somebody just to ask them to datamine for the fucking word yearning. Instead I typed up a really concise report of my experience, focusing only on the yearning, and tried to keep it as professional as possible and sent it to a few people who have made datamining videos on YouTube and then I just went to bed.
Honestly that could have been the end of it. I had sent a request to some people who could maybe actually help and I was content to just go on with my life and wait for them to reply. At this point in my life, there was no point in booting up the game again and DEFINITELY no point to going on fucking reddit to tell everybody about it, but I had a fucked up dream and it sent me down a whole fucking rabbit hole that I guess does have a bottom and it's right here, typing this.
I had a dream that I got an email back. From somebody really prominent in this community I talked about, the first person I thought to email. She told me I was right. She said I was on the verge of a big discovery, and she didn't want to reveal it to the public until I saw it for myself. She said to turn the game on again and keep trying and I would find something that would change everything for me. I don't know what she meant by "change everything for me" but it was a fucking dream anyway so it doesn't matter.
The email said something else though. She said she knew what the thing I didn't hear was, even though I remember excluding that from my initial letter.
She said the game spoke my name.
I don't think that's true. Frankly I didn't think it was true while I was dreaming either, but the idea of it still captured my imagination and when I woke up I booted the stupid fucking game up again. I didn't honestly think I would hear it say my name again if I kept playing, I'm not fucking crazy. But the idea that it might gave me a weird thrill and I guess I just wanted to freak myself out. I played all day. Never left Irythill. Never did anything else. Didn't even pick up the phone when it rang. I went to the bathroom but only when I absolutely couldn't hold it anymore and I did it with the door open and the game volume up. I ate, but I ate staring at the screen. The reason I bring this up is so you understand that I absolutely did NOT miss a yearning. There wasn't one for the entire fucking day.
When it got dark it was a different story. I started dozing off and then she said it and it shot me awake. It was so precisely the same time of night that I started to believe- maybe I still do, I'm not sure- that the "yearning" easter egg was tied to the internal clock of your computer. I guess I latched onto that because it was pretty much the first lead in this entire investigation.
So now I've tried that and I can say that it doesn't seem to work. I set my clock over and over until the sun came up listening for the yearning or anything weird at all and no fucking dice. I decided not to bug the dataminers with a second email over this so I just wrote it here instead and now I feel less like I wasted my time. I went to bed and had another dream and since I'm dreaming now I might as well go ahead and describe it.
I was playing the game this time. I was in a part of Irythill that doesn't really exist. Big gate of some kind like a castle gate- not the castle that's actually there, just some fucking castle in the lower neighborhood-esque area. I stood in front of it a long time and she said "yearning" and then she said my name. Not my real name but the name I named my character which is pretty close to my name. For some reason after she did that I found a lever, and pulling it opened the gate. I stepped inside and there were electrical outlets on the walls and modern televisions scattered around the room. Everywhere. Black, unplugged, perfectly reflecting me. I shifted in my bed and turned to Damion and said 'you gotta check this out man' and in my voice he said 'I think you're dreaming' and I woke up covered in sweat.
I think I was on to something. This probably sounds stupid but I think maybe something in the game happened while I was staring at it and maybe my brain subliminally picked it up and now my subconscious knows what I'm looking for and how to find it and now it's trying to tell me how to find it or what I'm going to find or something. As of the writing of this post, I replied to the email from the dataminer and told her that I don't think it says my name, I think it says something else, and at time of writing I haven't heard back although I did reply. I don't really remember what I said but it's not a big deal.
So that catches you up to speed. I'm going to spend more time waiting for something to happen, maybe try some different spots, but this post is several thousand words long and it's taken me an entire week to write it in tiny installments so I'm going to just post it somewhere and get it off my fucking chest and hope that makes me feel better or maybe hope it makes her say yearning again. If your Dark Souls 3 character has ever said "yearning" to you in a real actors voice PLEASE message me or comment about your experience and don't be a fucking lying piece of shit or I'll know. I'm gonna try and write another one of these if I have anything more to say or maybe publish an update if I get a reply from any of the dataminers. If someone reads this and they decide to stand in Irithyll for a while just to find out if they hear anything I would appreciate that. You don't have to tell me about it or even tell me you did it.
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2022.01.28 22:13 cesga_0218 [Highlight] Onyeka Okongwu swats Jayson Tatum's layup to force the shot clock violation

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2022.01.28 22:13 RustyKrabs I need help with wise

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2022.01.28 22:13 InkwellArtz 365 Day Practice Challenge Log (Day 28)

Good evening, I can't believe we're almost at a full month!
I worked on Wohlfahrt again today, etudes #1-7. Now on to the variations :)
See y'all tomorrow <3
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2022.01.28 22:13 Bulky_Bottle8062 Beep bo battle

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2022.01.28 22:13 musingsofapathy [No Spoilers] Sam Riegel's Dazling Smile

Seriously, does he brush his teeth with a commercial buffer and hydrogen peroxide? Does he subscribe to teeth whitening clinics? Does he have a dental hygienist on call? Or is he just genetically blessed with terrific enamel?
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2022.01.28 22:13 Sellos_Maleth Big dum dum moment, can anyone remind me what “a man chooses, a slave obeys” means?

Feel kinda bad but I played all games + DLC and I stopped to think I never really got why he said it.
If I remember correctly Ryan knows the city is falling either way so he basically kills himself via Jack and humiliating him along the way showing him he is a slave right?
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2022.01.28 22:13 Fine-Frame8230 Issues with stutters.

Hello as the title says I’m having issues with stuttering suddenly. It’s to the point that game is unplayable.
I’ll be in a firefight and my crosshairs are jittery and I keep getting randomly taken out of ads.
I just died to a terrible duo because I couldn’t even aim at them. The one that I managed to kill was with melee because he chased me around a corner.
My FPS is 144 and my ping never goes above 50-60. But still having stutters.
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2022.01.28 22:13 Mtg-2137 I just want to say thank you to everyone who works at Kroger’s.

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2022.01.28 22:13 stbart44 Is it ableist or discriminatory to incentivize people for not taking sick leave by giving them bonuses?

This is something that was brought to my attention for my previous job. One of my good friends worked with me there and said they are giving bonuses to those that don't take paid sick leave through the whole year. This seems discriminatory/ableist at minimum.
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2022.01.28 22:13 Mictlancayocoatl With the amount of killers and survivors we now have, it's starting to get extremely tedious and grindy to unlock perks

It would be really nice if perks could be unlocked without any randomness involved.
There are now almost 200 killer perks and if you bought a lot of killers, it takes a really long time (and millions of bloodpoins) to finally get the specific perks you want for your build or for a newly unlocked character.
The bloodweb is fine for addons and offerings, but in my opinion, perks shouldn't be in the bloodweb, instead we should be allowed to buy any perk directly using bloodpoints. It would be fine if perks were more expensive, but the RNG element of unlocking perks is just not fun.
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2022.01.28 22:13 Atolion Small streamer looking to grow big and strong

Looking for criticism and input actually too. Some new friends would be sick as well, but can't get too greedy.
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2022.01.28 22:13 chugotleung2016 Why would these countries give a darn to human rights? They have never

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2022.01.28 22:13 Ivan_Yurkinoff What are characters you want to upgrade all the way just because you want to? (This is for the people who have not done so yet due to what ever limitations)

Deadpool and War Machine are my pics.
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2022.01.28 22:13 amnesiac7 2022 candidates with QAnon ties should be "wake up-call" to voters: Ex-Trump official

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2022.01.28 22:13 ash-ark Going into light to deep meditation. Ama

Let's see what my higher self has to say about your inquiries.
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2022.01.28 22:13 Jano2408 What's the worst thing you could do at your friends house?

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