H:ultracite jet pack helmet W:offers

2021.09.18 05:47 dumpsterass H:ultracite jet pack helmet W:offers

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2021.09.18 05:47 FrontpageWatch2020 [#412|+683|45] Posted this in r/cornhub and someone commented to this subreddit, so I thought I'd post it here, too. This thing would be Hell to clean [r/ATBGE]

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2021.09.18 05:47 Zealousideal_Damage5 My legs are shaking I can feel a diarrhea coming

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2021.09.18 05:47 Dragoncat91 Surprise Nifl Goat Sighting

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2021.09.18 05:47 geoirony Javiers choice was only made for canon purposes

Throughout the second game you get moments with Arthur and Javier that go against him siding with dutch at the end of the game. i feel like that was only done cause he was already an enemy in the previous game. what do you guys think?
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2021.09.18 05:47 Indiantaco10 Watch4watch, sub4sub, like4like Will return favors in the mourning

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2021.09.18 05:47 FrontpageWatch2020 [#761|+1339|26] Absolute shock! Followed by relief. [r/nonononoyes]

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2021.09.18 05:47 332037231299 You little Machavelian fuck, I see you.

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2021.09.18 05:47 DJT8508 Best friends! These two are inseparable!

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2021.09.18 05:47 Foreign_Lock_437 [LFA] (taħsir the rotting god) my campaigns BBEG please make it graphic

It is a vile and foul putrid monster with the lower body of a rotten snake decomposing into a four armed skeletal upper body with ragged and rotting bird like wings its mouth is filled with sharp razor like teeth, its head is adorned with bull like horns and a row of jagged spikes trailing down to its spine. Its signature weapon is a hog splitter clever, it also carries a book made of flesh. It will stop at nothing to spread its putrid rot
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2021.09.18 05:47 FrontpageWatch2020 [#138|+1697|410] In regards to a post my wife made about her uncomfortable feelings about my friendship with our neighbor. [r/relationship_advice]

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2021.09.18 05:47 Healthy_Sample6555 Pokémon plush for no reason Day 7

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2021.09.18 05:47 StackinStalin Two jobs, worth the hassle?

I’m not gonna go into too many details about this, but my financial situation is dire. I have resorted to picking up a 3rd shift job at a factory that pays $3/h more than what I make now at Walmart. 9 hours a day, not sure if 5 or 6 days, probably won’t know til Monday.
Some questions and concerns have come up though, and I partly don’t trust management here to give me a straight answer cause it seems like some of them don’t even know, so imma ask them here:
1) What is the minimum amount of hours needed to receive insurance through Walmart for part-time employees?
2) Do I keep my benefits (discount card, gym membership, BYOD phone plan discount, etc.) if I swap over to part-time?
3) What is the maximum amount of hours I can work without needing to take a lunch break? (If I can get off an hour before I go to the other job I don’t need a lunch break, and I already drive 1.5 hours a day round trip to work, luckily this factory is like 5 minutes away from my Walmart)
4) Do they allow odd hour shifts, such as 4-9? That would honestly work perfectly for me cause I could do my normal duties (maint.), get here right as first shift maint. gets here, get off an hour before my other job so I can rest or get food, and they’ll only have an hour between me leaving (only maint. on schedule for nights most of the time) and night maint. arriving.
I could probably think of several other questions, but none come to mind atm. Any answers to these would be greatly appreciated!!
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2021.09.18 05:47 paladinplayz chen

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2021.09.18 05:47 miilooq Cant seem to get ANY jobs??

The first week of September, I finished my 1 month course of phlebotomy where I learned about all the tubes, I practiced venipuncture on my class mates, finger sticks, etc. I’m currently a college student that really needs money and I’ve applied to all these hospitals, plasma centers, and clinics but I can’t seem to get any interviews. It’s honestly discouraging me from the field of phlebotomy and I paid a good 1.4K for the class. I feel like it might be cause I haven’t taken my certification exam (Cert exam is on October 8), but then again people have told me it’s not something you need to have done. I got an email back from a hospital connected to my college (VCU) and they said my application/resume was impressive, but they couldn’t continue my application process cause there was better candidates. I know you need a year of experience for phlebotomy as a “preferred” aspect, but how will I get that if i can’t even get an interview!!!! I’m just stressed :/.
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2021.09.18 05:47 0fficerCumDump Did they take the takedown cancel out?

You used to be able to shoot a double, hold block to cancel into over under & pull them into a guard sweep into a mount. What happened?
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2021.09.18 05:47 VicVinegarrrr My 6 year old made this stick person and I die everytime I look at it 😅

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2021.09.18 05:47 HighHopesLove https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2021/09/04/will-dive-club-return-for-season-2-netflix-renewal-explored/

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2021.09.18 05:47 Unfair-Werewolf-998 Biscotti X Gelato X Maltezerz

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2021.09.18 05:47 posiposi52 Lil Slump - Jwett Baby (Official Music Video)

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2021.09.18 05:47 da_floppa 10 likes? Comment? 50 subs? I do sub4sub. Watch full vid or yt will mark as spam!!

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2021.09.18 05:47 facelesspantless Controversial Opinion: If you're sub-1000 ELO, trade Bishops for Knights and exchange Queens whenever possible.

At sub-1000 ELO, like me, your opponent's offensive tactics are almost always going to center on his 2 Knights and Queen.
A very high percentage of sub-1000 ELO players are fixated on creating forks with their Knights. They often prioritize going for Knight forks over everything else, meaning those forks can come unexpectedly.
It's conventional wisdom that Bishops are worth more than Knights and that they shouldn't be traded for Knights. However, I have started to prioritize exchanging Bishops for Knights and have gone up about 300 ELO over the past 3 weeks. A Bishop pair means nothing in the hands of my opponents and, without their Knights, they don't know how to attack.
Very few of my opponents are capable of checkmating without a Queen. For that reason, I exchange Queens whenever possible. Almost always, when I propose a Queen exchange, my opponent retreats his Queen because he knows he cannot checkmate without her. If I keep proposing the exchange, eventually he will get frustrated and accept, which 85% of the time results in either a win for me or my opponent stalemating me in a King and Rook endgame.
I know these aren't things you should do at higher levels of chess but they really work down here. If I'm able to take out my opponent's 2 Knights and Queen, the only thing I really have left to worry about is a ladder checkmate with his 2 Rooks.
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2021.09.18 05:47 KapitalFlee No Suburban is somewhat a modern day Shook Ones Pt2. What y’all think?

Even though they obviously 2 different sounding songs, they both got that same vibe
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2021.09.18 05:47 tekkenfanaticlfc Beautiful babes

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2021.09.18 05:47 ajaykfr Hours of chatting on mobile what to discuss when meet physically

Friend we all are always chatting with our near and dear loved ones what should be discussed when meeting physically.
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